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 Board is a loain on semihard polyolefine block with closed cell structure, expanding
5-40 times.
It is widely used for anti-shocking material, adiabatic material for construction and interior material for automobile due to excellent heat insulation, light weight, chemical resistance, cushioning and buoyancy.
  Construction :  Sound proof wall backing material, water proof material, heat insulating material, anti-shocking pad, frost proof material for tunnel etc
  Packing :  Precision equipment packing material, anti-shocking material, molding product,
anti-static and conductive article, stationary case, fancy case etc
  Sports article : Core material of baseballl glove and bag for climbing, swimming article,buoyant equipment for swimming and life saving.
  Sundry goods : Core material of bed-clothes and bed, Puzzle, built-up carpet, knee protector.