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 PPolyethylene chemical crosslink agent is high expansion foam with self-extinguishing property on semihard polyethylene form sheet with closed-cell structure, expanding at 40times with polyethylene crosslink agent. It has good heat insulation, anti-shocking ability, weather proofness, chemical resistance, light weight and processability.
It is widely used for electric & automobile components, construction and engineering works, industrial heat insulation, packing, buffering, sports and leisure tools and sundry goods.
Polyethylene non-crosslink agent, semihard polyethylene foam, is polyethylene expansion foam under closed-cell structure with 15-40 times expansion ratio. It is good for cushioning, buffering, heat resistance, water proofness, chenidcal properties and processability as well as cheapness.
So it is widely used for construction, engineering works, packing, anti-shocking material, sports, leisure and sundry goods and laminating product.

Polyethylene is closed-cell foam. It has an excellent heat insulation, light weight, medical resistance and buoyancy.
It is widely used in various fields like sundry goods, interior finish of autocar, cushion, anti-shocking material and electric parts