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Poly Urethane foam

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 POLY URETHANE is widely used in various fields because it is cheap and light, and has properties as good heat and electronic insulation and heat absorption, also its kind is various by weight, consistency and elasticity.

POLY URETHANE FOAM is light, and has properties as good heat and electric insulation, and absorption.
It is widely used as cushion, insulating material, packing material and sound absorption material.

 General article : General cushion and pad for shoes, Sports tools, electric machine etc.
 Fire retardant article : Cushion, pad, automobile interior finish, electronic components and furniture etc
 High elasticity article :  It is used for sheet and mattress due'to excellent elasticity and shock resistance 
 High hardness article : It has a super hardness, excellent tensi6ii elasticity, so used for cushion and packing material.
 Specific article :  Heat adhesive article. sponge, protect foam, anti-static foam, inorganic antibacterial foam, super soft foam, low ventilating foam etc